Friday, December 16, 2005

Tree time!

The discussion of real vs. fake came up in my house last night. I really wanted to have a tree but having a real tree just wasn't feasible. We are going to be gone most of next week so it just wasn't going to be practical to have a real tree (fire hazard) sitting alone (fire hazard) in an empty old house (fire hazard). My DH was absolutely against a fake tree early on but last night he conceded. We decided that we would have a real tree and a fake tree on alternating years. The years we will be in Tennessee we will do a fake tree and the years we will be home we will do a real tree! What a great compromise. In all reality the house isn't decorated for Christmas and I would have felt awful if, for our first Christmas in our first house, we didn't have at least a tree.

So the next job was to find a tree. I decided to go with a Martha Stewart Tree from Kmart. I hate shopping at Kmart but I guess I have been brainwashed to believe Martha doesn't put her name on a product unless it is high quality. Boy wouldn't she lose my viewership if this tree totally SUCKS!!! LOL

Speaking of trees...I have been trying to get in touch with someone to remove a big blue spruce that is in our back yard. It is half dead and out of place. It was planted 50 years ago by the man we bought the house from and I think it was their first Christmas tree. He said that he just couldn't bear to take it down even though he knew it needed to be done.

How ironic that today of all days the tree removal people called back and said that they could take it down today. It makes me a little sad to think of someone's history being torn down and thrown away. I know all the facts...the tree is too big, too close to the house, to dead, too everything... but it was someone's CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! Maybe it is just the cycle of the house. New owners, new tree.

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