Friday, January 06, 2006

Photo Test

This is just a post to test my ability to post pictures to my blog.


Sj said...

Good afternoon Rean,

This is Sj (Stephen) from and I saw the comments you left on the Toronto Area blog! Nice that yr cat?

I will respond there to the comments directly I suppose, but glad to have 'met' you. Talk to you soon!

Kristin said...

Hi Rean!

as promised...

I've read your blog. Very sweet.

i look forward to more.

Sj said...

ps. you have the blog etiquette down pat. Generally you say something about the post you are writing on, but if you have another message and they don't have another way of reaching them listed (email etc).. just leave a note!!

Most bloggers will KILL for a comment!! Especially from someone they don't know!

Sj said...

Hey Rean, we haven't seen you in quite some time! And since we don't have another way to connect, post something! lol