Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Vacation

Ok, I thought of something else I could Blog about. DH and I went on a cruise in May. It was AWESOME. We went to Costa Maya, Mexico; Grand Cayman Island; and Jamaica. We were "unplugged" for 7 days. That was so nice! I think Grand Cayman Island was my favorite for the beaches.

Yes that is me in the distance, very tropical nes' pa? Not a very good "beach" but this was the original docking station for the pirates and the water is beautiful! When we were at the actual beach we were to much in the water and not taking pictures!!

Jamaica was my favorite for the enviroment.

Mexico was my least favorite but it was still great for...TEQUILA!!!
Yes that is a whole store dedicated to different kinds of Tequila. We might have bought one of everything! (not really)

Ok, so there are some highlights from the ports of call. The ship will have to be a totally different entry...I'll just say, AMAZING!


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Sj said...

J'adore tequila!

Love the pics, especially the 1st one on the island.. looks sorta LOST to me..