Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring has Sprung!!

My schooling is almost done for the semester. I am going to be focusing on my home for the summer and hopefully hosting my little brothers for a couple of weeks so my parents can celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday.

There is a lot to do in my home. It has been made even more clear by the current moving project of my dear friend Mary at Turkey Farm Treasures. I was able to help her with a yard sale and saw how much she was condensing her life to the things she enjoys and finds useful.

What perfect timing then that Simple Mom is starting her Spring Cleaning Party this week!! I have Simple Mom's book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People but have never followed through with all the steps. Now is the time! If not now, when?

So, I will be participating in Simple Mom's Cleaning Party with enthusiasm. Here we go!!


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