Friday, April 20, 2007

Its only half past 12 but I don't DH needs me

Here I am, sitting at my computer waiting until 1AM so I can check my DH's temperature again. He was shivering and burning up earlier tonight. Once we got in bed I tried to stay close to him so I could help regulate his body temperature. I couldn't get to sleep because he was BURNING UP!! It seemed like the longer I lay with my back to his the hotter he got. He was sleeping really hard but whimpering in his sleep. I started to get really concerned. I prayed for him as well as myself. I could tell I was losing it with worry. I got up and did what any "new" wife would do, I called my Mama!

We prayed together and I started getting more peaceful. She gave me some good advice. Get his temperature (which I hadn't done yet, just the hand on the forehead thing) and then give him some Tylenol. Wait 45 minutes to an hour and take his temperature again. If it hasn't gone down even a little bit, call the doctor. After discussing his symptoms we figure he has the flu. He had a filling done last week and his jaw has been aching ever since. He has been so busy at work he hasn't had the opportunity to get it checked out yet. DH and I figure his bite just needs adjusted but Mama said it might be some infection started there and that could be the reason for his symptoms.

She encouraged me to remember that "by his stripes, ye WERE healed." Past tense. God has already put in great guards in our bodies to fight off infection. He has also provided for medications and doctors if our bodies need a little help.

DH has a temperature of 102. He took some Tylenol and now I wait for another 1/2 hour to wake him and take another reading. I am believing for great deliverance. DH needs his rest but a little peace of mind for me will help me rest better and take care of him too.

On the topic of medical care, growing up we always had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Aid.

1st Aid - Pray for yourself, if you don't feel better within 10 minutes-6 hours (depending on the severity of your injury) go to 2nd Aid. And of course if it is life threatening, go to the HOSPITAL.

2nd Aid - Have someone minister to you. Sometimes someone outside yourself can see things you can't and can give you some words of comfort and encouragement. This can be via telephone (gotta love technology) because even just talking through your symptoms can be helpful. And of course if it is life threatening, go to the HOSPITAL

and last but NOT least

3rd Aid - Seek medical help. A lot of times I skip right to 3rd Aid because I know what is causing my headache (lack of water) or my tummy ache (indigestion, heartburn). The great thing about our bodies is that we have the ability to sense what is wrong and really, if we lift things to God, he can and does give us the guidance we need.

So, off I go to check on DH and maybe then I can get some rest. I should take some Airborne too, so I don't catch whatever this little bug is.


Mary said...

How blessed you are to have a mom that gives you the truth of God's Word. We'll be praying for your Dh to get *all better* soon.

Rean Day said...

Thanks for your prayers. DH is on his way to being *all better*. I am very thankful for my Mom, she is a wonderful pillar of strength.