Monday, April 02, 2007

A Package From Jodi Deputy!!!

I have been gone long enough. After all the hustle and bustle in our house from the plumbing I have been neglectful of my little blog. I missed you all so very much!

A while back Jodi over at Deputy Domain did a contest for her 200th Post and I won!! I was so excited as I thoroughly enjoy her blog and it is always a long pit-stop on my internet travels. Shortly thereafter I recieved a big ol' box in the mail, she was very timely on sending it out...I unfortunately am not as timely blogging about it. When I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely card nestled right on top.

I started tearing into it and these are the wonderful books I found.

This magazine is LOVELY! I was so excited to realize I can find a nice teapot and cups without spending a fortune. Some delicious looking recipes as well.

I haven't cracked the spine on this book yet, although I did flip through looking at the bright, inviting pictures.

I just started this book. So far it is sad and humbling. I am only on chapter 2 though and I am sure it cheers up as the main character has a wonderful spark about her.

What could be under this beautiful handkerchief?


What a wonderful gift to receive.


I still haven't received my package from Mrs. Wilt for the Procrastination Challenge. I certainly hope everything is alright.

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Jodi said...

Ah, Rean, you didn't have to blog about it; your sweet email was thanks enough. :o) I'm very glad you enjoyed your package, and hang in there with Partners. It has a lovely ending.

It's funny you would post; I was just thinking about you last week and today. How is your star chart going?