Thursday, May 10, 2007

An Evening of Game with DH

For Christmas last year my Mom and Dad got my DH a beautiful chess set. It had been languishing in a box for long enough, I decided to set it up on our coffee table in the living room so Dh and I could play "on a whim."

The chess pieces are soldiers and officials from the Revolutionary War. DH played as the United States and I was England. The most difficult thing about this chess set is the lack of a female "Queen." The box didn't come with labels so we just guessed. DH figured the officer with the bars on his shoulders was the king and made the other officer the "queen." I think on my end King George ended up being the "queen" simply because he was wearing a cloak dress. Poor King George.

I am not a chess master. I dont claim to be one and I really only know how the different pieces move (Even if they are "cloaked" as queens). I figured I could learn from DH how to play and we could have a great time. He was really helpful and showed me a lot. I know more now about chess than I ever did.

The chess match did not last long. I tried to win but...

I just couldn't alter history. America is still free and what remained of Great Britain has retreated. Poor King George.

I guess the Revolutionary War will have to be fought again another day.


Jodi said...

Nifty present! My son plays chess. He used to play my husband, but since JR works so much lately, he's teaching his little sisters to play so he'll have an opponent - lol! Obviously, I don't play - err, I don't play well anyway! Bri would love looking at your chess board. He's got his eye on a medieval chess set. :o)

Oh, and I'm ever so glad America is safe ~ at least until the rematch! ;o)

Deana (Dee) said...

Hi Rean,
I just started playing chess because my son (7 years) plays. I can beat him too! LOL He is the one actually teaching me and when we have a question DH helps out. The fun part about playing is that I never thought I was "SMART" enough to learn the game and understand, BUT I AM! hehehehe It's all GOD!