Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I've been tagged - Library meme

Molly over at Cuppa, Cuppa, Cuppa posted this meme.

Literary Meme

How it works:

1. grab the book closest to you

2. open it to page 161

3. find the 5th full sentence

4. post the text of the sentence to your blog

5. don't search around for the coolest book you have, use the one that is really next to you.

6. tag five people to do this meme

The book next to me is Paralegal Practice and Procedure: A Practical Guide for the Legal Assistant

The Sentence is "Moreover, to develop your skill requires constant practice, practie and more practice."

That is pretty cool. I have been struggling so much with developing my homekeeping skills. Who knew the answer to my problems was in a book I use for work! LOL

I guess I need to get back at my Amigurumi Chicken pattern I picked up from this site I will show pictures as I move along. I started it the other day but I was using pink yarn and no stitch markers. I'm stuck now because I can't remember where my rounds started and I don't know how to decrease. I will restart the pattern after a quick stop at Walmart. I will pick up some white yarn instead of pink.

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Jodi said...

Rean ~

I was just zipping through my bloglines to make sure I was caught up reading when I saw your name. I just felt the need to pop in a say "hi!" Hope all is going well with you and your hubby, that your home is holding together - lol (I remember some of your posts!), and that work is going okay for you.

Just thinking of you and sending you a hug! :o)