Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kitten's new name

Well, our little girl kitten who turned out to be our little boy kitten has finally had a name change. Originally named Kharisse (Greek for grace) he has been renamed to Spazmanian Devil or Spaz for short.

This name comes after much deliberation and many possibilities. One name which was in contention was Chewy. Such a name was a very proper description of his horrible habit of chewing on things. (Shoes, couches, people...etc.) However, it was determined that due to the fact he is still only a few months old and we believe he will grow out of this habit, the name would not make much sense.

Spaz was originally determined by my brother Michael (Chewy was David's preference) but the full name of Spazmanian Devil was discovered by Suzanne, a wonderfully creative young woman who was staying with us for the weekend.

This proclamation is to officially name "Little Boy Cat" to "Spazmanian Devil."



Stephanie said...

It would be cool if you could post a picture of the cat - I once had a cat we called P.K - short for psycho kitty, that cat was nuts lol

Rean Day said...

LOL! He's definately a spaz!! I will post a picture of him. Maybe this evening.

Thanks for the comment.