Monday, January 29, 2007

Anti-Procrastination - Monday

First off, let me say I have truly enjoyed this challenge. This past week has been very productive and has really blessed me. I love meeting all the ladies who are also participating in the challenges and I love how we encouraged one another this past week.

Just so everyone knows, I did finally get my laundry put away. It is nice to have so many clothes to choose from and also very eye-opening. I have A LOT of clothes. It might be time to reduce the number of clothes I have in the closet. We almost ran out of hangers with all the clothes clean and put away!! LOL

So, my mission for today, Monday, January 29th, 2007 is...Work on the post that has been in my head and drafted for some time. It is a difficult one to articulate but I need to have it in writing. Especially if I want to get some advice from you wonderful SAHWs and SAHMs.

Hopefully I can get that done after lunch and tidy up the Living Room before DH and I have to leave for our Biblical Research class tonight.


Lola and Her *Mom* said...

Hooray! Getting laundry done is a major accomplishment! I'm still working on this one.

Thanks for your compliments on the scrapbook. Lola makes an excellent subject!

Have a great day!

Michelle said...

Good for you, getting the laundry done. That is something I need to do. I am looking forward to reading your post that you are working on. :)