Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday Mission Accomplished

I was going to just add on to my original post but I decided not to. I worked very hard yesterday to get everything straightened out. Following is a picture "diary" of my process.

I started out with 3 files...

I worked for a while and then broke for lunch...Salmon and salad...Yum-O

After I finished eating...I finished sorting.

Does anyone else see which file is DRAMATICALLY more full? Sheesh, I could have prevented much torment and procrastination if I had just thrown out the JUNK!!!

Now the mail was gone but the dining room table was still a mess.

So, I cleaned it up too. Yay ME!!!!

WHEW...all done, that feels really good. Now I can move on to Thursday's Challenge.


picketfencemom said...

Great job! And your lunch looked great(and delicious)too! LOL
I need to tackle my mail...and hmmmm...maybe salmon for tonight's supper???? :o)

Deana (Dee) said...

Wonderful job on this, doesn't it just feel GREAT! Like a weight lifted off your shoulders I'm sure.

sam said...

Great job! It is always nice to get that paperwork taken care of, isn't it? I think the key is to at least open the mail each day. I usually do, and toss the junk, I just got behind with the other over the holidays. Oh well, I will work on not getting into a similar bind this year. Good luck getting those decorations/gifts put away!

Rean Day said...

Amy ~ That salmon WAS delicious. I will have to post my recipe here at some point. That picture shows two pieces on my plate...I could only eat one (I love that about salmon).

Dee ~ The weight of the trash alone was enough to drag me down!! Next I need to go through the TO DO tray and get that stuff TOO DONE!

Sam ~ Yeah, just opening the mail would solve a lot of our problems. I think the tray thing might work...We'll see.

Rean Day