Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday Mission - ACCOMPLISHED

Not only did I put all the presents and decorations where they belonged, I also dropped off a box of old magazines to the Middle School near where I live. I dropped off some a few months ago and called the librarian again and asked if they would want more. She said the teachers LOVED all the home decorating magazines I gave them. She definately wanted the other ones I had to give away. She was so excited!! LOL, I was happy to get rid of them in a better way than the trash or recycling bin.

So, I finished up the box of presents. I was coming around the corner with my camera to take a picture of the empty box...but there was something (someone) in it!!

Mrs. B - your comment was RIGHT ON.
"I bet the kitty is thinking....'I wish she'd empty this box so I could sleep in it!' LOL (o;"

Well, I got everything put away and I kept the dining room table clean and I processed the mail as soon as I walked in the door. This anti-procrastination thing is pretty cool.


Mrs.B said...

ROFL!!!! That is so funny! And it's even funnier because you were able to get a picture of it.

I've had cats since I was 7 years old so I know the kitties and what they like pretty well!

Thanks so much for this post, it made me smile, BIG time! (o;


Turkey Farm said...

The kids think you should close up that box and mail it to our house.