Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Closet, CONQUERED!!!!!!!!!!!

And now for the big reveal!!!!

Here it is, all clean and organized. Only what we find to be useful or believe to be beautiful is contained in this closet.

This bin contains hats and gloves. The number of hats is even smaller now after I went through them with my wonderful husband when he got home from work.

It's positioned on the smallest shelf of the shoe rack. I put it low so we could access it easily. If it was up on the shelf above, we'd end up hanging hats all over the place because it would be hard to put them away.

Empty space for guest's jackets. I removed about 50 hangers from the closet. My brother is using them now for his clothes in his room...well, he will once he hangs everything up off of the floor. :)

There is a folding chair and a step stool on the right. They are no longer buried behind so many coats its impossible to access them. I have used the step stool twice already!

These are our jackets. Basic needs are met, we have warm sweatshirts as well as light jackets and windbreakers. My nice wool trench coat is here as well.

I love the wooden hangers from Ikea!

Do you see the double layer of wood which is the shelf? The second layer used to extend the shelf all the way to the door but that made the shelf too deep for practical access.

It was already in two boards, I just stacked them so the shelf is more shallow now.

The red blob on the left is a neck pillow I like to use for long trips. When we got rid of our Minivan in favor of an extended cab Ford F150 there was no longer storage for it in the vehicle. Now I can reach the pillow and the fleece blanket under it when we leave for a long trip and can stay toasty warm when Hubby cranks the AC.

For several minutes after I finished this project, I sat on our couch reading but left the door open to the closet so that I could glance at it and smile.

I have one kitchen trash bag of Donation Items and one trash bag of trash.


I am so blessed to have started.


Mary said...

I am inspired by your progress.
The Mister bought five new shirts today for his upcoming teaching job.
Now we need to do the same process in his closet. No excuses for all the shirts in there which he never wears anymore.

Serenity Now said...

Looks great! I seriously don't think I'd have the nerve to show a before picture of my closet, which means it's definately time to clean that sucker out :)
Thanks for the motivation!

Rean Day said...

@Mary - Thanks, I'm inspired too! It's amazing how much clothing multiplies when you're not looking. I was stunned when I laid all our jackets on the floor. Where in the world did they all come from?!

@Serenity Now - Yeah, this closet isn't too bad. The truth is, I'm working my way up to "the room at the end of the hall" which is one I will be more hesitant to show. But I'm taking baby steps. :)