Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Closet, EMPTIED!!!!!!

This post will be filled with photos. I'm so excited I've started this journey. I'm enjoying the benefits of it already.

This is my closet in the beginning. Although it doesn't appear to be packed to the gills, it is.

Ahhh, a nice clean closet. I swept and mopped the floor and I cleaned off that shelf.

So nice and fresh and ready to receive whatever I find to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

This is all the stuff which came out of my closet.

The first thing I did was categorize all the items as I removed them. It was easy to decide to be brutal with my decluttering.

This row is simply decorative items. Specifically wreaths and items which were at one time hanging in my entryway.

The kicker is that I have basement storage for each season and these could easily store there. However, I decided to keep only one wreath and donated the rest of the items to salvation army.

The two plaques got homes on walls in other areas of my home.

These are all the bags I found in the closet. Bags I forgot we owned. Some which needed to be given away and some that I want to use again.

And this is where my biggest find was...

That is a Nikon 35mm camera, a $600 camera.

It takes fantastic pictures, but is is heavy and not digital. Although we have taken many pictures with it in the past, we don't use it anymore and are probably not going to use it again.

After discussing with my husband we decided if we can sell it for $400 we can put that money toward a nice Digital SLR camera if we want to. So, for now it can go back in the closet but will be listed somehow for sale.

There are jackets in this pile that have been with us since before we were married. That's over 8 years!!

Now, this would not be a problem if we wore them at anymore, but we don't.

There were over 15 coats here but I cut it down by over half. We have 7 coats now that are worn frequently and we enjoy. Four of them are hooded sweatshirts, but they are useful and we think they are beautiful.

Hats, glorious hats.

A different hat for every day of the month...that's right, over 30 hats!!! Whew!!!

I got rid of many of them, even some Pittsburgh sports team hats, which is a victory in itself!

My husband just laughed as I laid all his hats out for him to see how many he had. He was able to be more decisive because he saw how much excess there was. Its true, if you don't see it, you forget about it. We were able to narrow our hat collection significantly.

I got rid of all the winter scarves I had. I don't really use them and they aren't particularly beautiful to me.

I also got rid of our earmuffs, you know the plastic headband ones, the ones you wore when you were 5, yeah, those.

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