Friday, July 16, 2010


Here is my side table after the decluttering. I left just one decorative item on my table.

You can actually see the beautiful filigree on my lamp now. So much nicer.

I left my photo albums here for now but at least they are in order and I know where to find them.

The yarn basket is empty and I have put it with my other craft items.

My beards are in my "costume box" for when I start teaching school or need one for a skit.

Three of each song book is plenty.

We had bible fellowship at our home recently and no one needed one anyway. But the song books are there when we need them.

Plus it keeps me from cramming stuff in there too. :)


Mary said...

"Plus it keeps me from cramming stuff in there."

Gotta love it anytime you can declutter by default.

Rean Day said...

Lol. Amen!

Patty said...

Hi! It's Patty! I just found your site from your fb page haha. I see you linked to Flylady. I showed my copy of Sink Reflections to your Mom once and she scoffed. She's such a BO LOL! Gonna have a look around now. Miss you guys!