Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Success Breeds Success"

This is what my mother would say to me when I would complain about having to do some little chore around the house when there were "bigger" things to be done.

Success Breeds Success = Faithful in least, faithful in much

That's right ladies...TWO stars now! And today has started off strong. DH said that on the weekends as long as I am up before 7 A.M. and get the rest of the things accomplished I can consider my Morning Routine successful. I was up at around 6:30 and have been running ever since. I took a break for a little while and watched "Nanny McPhee" on TV. So cute, it's like Mary Poppins with a little "umph."

Now I have more chores to get accomplished and some errands to run.

DH is working today and this week is going to be rough for him. He is the Engineer at a Natural Gas & Steam (called Combined Cycle) power plant and they are having an "outage" right now. Basically, they shut everything down, open things up and then they deep clean, repair, modify or overhaul everything and get everything up a running again. A LOT of long, hard days lay ahead and I know I will need to be on top of my game (so to speak) to keep everything peaceful. DH said there were three things he would like for me to focus on this week.

• Peaceful & Tidy Home
• Laundry Done
• Iced Tea ready when he gets home

He would also like simple meals that can be reheated if necessary. I think this week will be a time for cassaroles. I only have ONE in my repetoire (Shepherds Pie) so I guess I better do some digging. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

This is going to be a great week for me to work on my Husband Keeping skills :)


Stephanie said...

Yaa for Rean!!! I've really enjoyed the past couple of posts that you've done. I've started to realize that I need to become more organized in my life (ie: laundry done on a regular basis, reading the word daily etc.)

I think what you've done with posting the list of things to be accomplished before you start your day and before going to bed is a really smart & simple thing to do to help start & end your days.

BTW: I have an awesome recipe for a chicken cassarole. email me at and I'll send it to you!

Talk to you later,


Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party. It was nice to meet ya.

Party On!!

My first party favor give-away has started, when you get a chance come on over.

sam said...

Check out Just type in casserole and I am sure you will be overwhelmed with recipes to try out.
My oldest has recently decided to become a vegetarian. While I don't cook every meal that way, hubby likes meat, I have found some great new recipes on that site.
Keep up the good work on your routine!

Julie Arduini said...


I'm from the blog party and I really like your site! It sounds like you have great communication with your husband, awesome. I hope you both have a great week. I am from the PA/Oh border.

Thanks for blessing me today!

Robyn said...

You are totally motivating me to get organized...I need a routine too!
Also - our crockpot is my best friend, do you have one?

Deana (Dee) said...

Hi Rean,

I don't know if this is in your budget or is your hubby would be on board with this, but I work at a place called Dream dinners, its a meal assembly kitchen, there may be one in your area or a similar style kitchen. I have only tried Dream Dinners no other "brands" I can attest to the tasty, and heart healthy meals they offer. Other then that in the past I have made a few meals on my own in one day for the week. Like lastnight I made spagetti for later in the week, and chili for lastnight, and some of the left overs will be used for chili dogs a few days from now. Then I have some cold chicken that I bought from the store already fried, and that will be heated or not later in the week for the family.
Blessings Deana

Rean Day said...

Stephanie - I will definately e-mail you for that recipe.

Monkey Giggles - Thanks for stopping by, I have to make it over there. I LOVE party favors!

Sam - Thanks for the resource. My DH is a carnivore too! So far, so good. We have eaten at home everyday this week. (even with all the plumbing issues)

Julie - Thanks, DH and I are very communicative LOL! We started our relationship over 2000 miles apart, we got used to talking on the phone and hearing the emotion in each others' voices.

Robyn - Routines have saved me this week. I am really looking forward to setting them firmly in my life so that they are a habit. I do have a crockpot (3 in fact) and I made Beef Stew in one of them this week. I am learning more and more about cooking. There's a lot to learn!!

Deana - I've never heard of them. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the resource.